Dancin' In the Sun, with Kristen / High School Senior / CT Senior Photography


We still can't decide wether Kristen reminds us more of Christie Brinkley, Leanne Rimes or Fergie with blonde hair. Maybe its a combination of all three, but one thing's for sure; Kristen is one heck of a beauty - inside and out. She's got brains, beauty and talent - and it shows. She rocked her photoshoot.

First, we had Kristen in a blue checkered dress that her mom suggested. We're happy she suggested it because we absolutely love the way it hugs Kristen's body in pictures. The cut off shoulders and fabric make for an effortlessly chic vibe.

We also love, love, love Kristen's dance dress. We couldn't have been happier when Kristen told us she was a dancer and wanted to incorporate dance into her photo shoot. The sunset we got over the horizon was fire, seriously breathtaking.

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